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February 7, 2011


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:bulletred: Gallery | Wallpaper… | Personas… | Stamps… :bulletred:

JOURNAL will continue to be updated as created or discovered.

:pointr:  GET LISTED (below) or add Plz to online database includes +23,000 Plz, search and easy code copy.

What are PLZ Accounts?
The account is {usually} created for the use of the 50 x 50 pixel account avatar.

:iconkeyplz: To use the Plz icon, follow this code format :icon_____: Fill in the blank with the account name. Example Plz account name fyi-plz use :.iconfyi-plz: to display the Plz icon (without the period) - view fyi-plz below.
FAQ #104: What HTML formatting can we use on deviantART? And what is the format for these codes?

* Remove period [.] or space after colon [:] for every copy/paste code below else, it wont work. *

:bulletred: ALL DELADE PLZ :bulletred:

: iconnobullyingstamp1-plz:: iconnobullyingstamp2-plz:

: iconusingpdnstamp1-plz:: iconusingpdnstamp2-plz:

: iconcugimpstamp1-plz:: iconcugimpstamp2-plz:

: iconpdnuserstamp1-plz:: iconpdnuserstamp2-plz:

: icongimpuserstamp1-plz:: icongimpuserstamp2-plz:

: icongimpartstamp1-plz:: icongimpartstamp2-plz:

: iconstamp-it-club1-plz:: iconstamp-it-club2-plz:

: iconthxu4fav1-plz:: iconthxu4fav2-plz:

: iconyourewelcome1-plz:: iconyourewelcome2-plz:

: iconspellcheck-plz:

: iconinspireme-plz:

: icontweet-plz:

: iconthanku-plz:

: iconkeyplz:

: iconat-plz:

: iconinfo-plz:

: iconfyi-plz:

: iconquestion-plz:

: iconexclamation-plz:

: iconerror-plz:

: icondonot-plz:

-Free to use on dA :pc:

:bulletred: USEFUL PLZ ACCOUNTS :bulletred:

:iconhappyfellaavatar: - Happy Fella Avatar
: iconhappyfellaavatar:

:iconfellaplz: - Fella
: iconfellaplz:

:icondeviantstamp1::icondeviantstamp2: - Deviant & Proud Stamp
: icondeviantstamp1:: icondeviantstamp2:

:iconilovemywatchersplz::iconilovemywatchersatplz: - I love my active watchers.
: iconilovemywatchersplz:: iconilovemywatchersatplz:

:iconrandomcommentplz1::iconrandomcommentplz2: - I support random acts of comment kindness!

:iconreadplz: - Read before you Comment
: iconreadplz:

:iconcommentplz: - Comment before you Favorite
: iconcommentplz:

:icon: - Comment before you Download <<-- Does anyone know the address or code for this one?
: icon:

:iconfavthen::icondownloadplzz: - Favorite Then Download

:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: - Constructive Criticism Welcomed!
: iconccwelcomedplz1:: iconccwelcomedplz2:

:iconpolitefavstamp1plz::iconpolitefavstamp2plz: - Polite +fav Stamp
: iconpolitefavstamp1plz:: iconpolitefavstamp2plz:

:iconfaveandcomment1plz::iconfaveandcomment2plz: - If you +fav this work Comment...
: iconfaveandcomment1plz:: iconfaveandcomment2plz:

:iconiwantfeedback1plz::iconiwantfeedback2plz: - Please write me a Critique...
: iconiwantfeedback1plz:: iconiwantfeedback2plz:

:iconrequestopen1::iconrequestopen2: - Request Are Open
: iconrequestopen1:: iconrequestopen2:

:iconrequestclosed1::iconrequestclosed2: - Requests Are Closed
: iconrequestclosed1:: iconrequestclosed2:

:iconnew-plz: NEW
: iconnew-plz:

:iconnewplz: NEW
: iconnewplz:


:iconyoucanplz::iconuseitplz: - Yop, you CAN use it but, with ©!
: iconyoucanplz:: iconuseitplz:

:iconyoucantplz::iconuseit-plz: - Nope, you CANT use it!
: iconyoucantplz:: iconuseit-plz:

:icongouseplz::iconthisartplz: - Go! You are authorized to use this artwork.
: icongouseplz:: iconthisartplz:

:iconcreativelicense1plz::iconcreativelicense2plz: - This deviation has a Creative Commons license.
: iconcreativelicense1plz:: iconcreativelicense2plz:

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: - You are allowed to use it if you credit me.
: iconyouareplz:: iconallowedplz:

:icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz: - Do not use my art.
: icondonotplz:: iconusemyartplz:

:iconnotforuseplz::iconnotforuse2plz: - This image is NOT for free use.
: iconnotforuseplz:: iconnotforuse2plz:

:iconuseplz::iconcreditplz: - Go! Please use my stock & credit me!
: iconuseplz:: iconcreditplz:

:icondontfavplz::iconclubsubmissionsplz: - STOP Please do not favorite this club submission.
: icondontfavplz:: iconclubsubmissionsplz:

:icondevhasmoved1plz::icondevhasmoved2: - Stop! Do not +fav this! Deviation has moved +fav new link below.
: icondevhasmoved1plz:: icondevhasmoved2:

:iconfreeavatar1plz::iconfreeavatar2plz: - This avatar is free for use!
: iconfreeavatar1plz:: iconfreeavatar2plz:

-Thank You

:iconthankyousignplz: - Thank You

:iconthanksfeatureplz: - Thanks for the Feature

:iconthxwatchplz: - Thanks for the Watch

:iconthxfavwatchplz: - Thanks 4 +Fav and Watch

:iconthxfavplz: - Thanks for the +Fav

:iconthankspointsplz: - Thanks for the Points
: iconthankspointsplz:

:iconthanksllamaplz: - Thanks for the Llama
: iconthanksllamaplz:

:iconthankscommentsignplz: - Thanks 4 the Comment

:iconthank-youplz: - Thanks
: iconthank-youplz:

:iconthanksib4plz::iconthanksib5plz::iconthanksib6plz: - Thanks for the FAVE!
: iconthanksib1plz:: iconthanksib2plz:: iconthanksib3plz:
: iconthanksib4plz:: iconthanksib5plz:: iconthanksib6plz:

:iconthanks1::iconthanks2::iconthanks3::iconthanks4: - Thanks so much!
: iconthanks1:: iconthanks2:: iconthanks3:: iconthanks4:

:icontff1::icontff2::icontff3: - Thanks for the +fav on:
: icontff1:: icontff2:: icontff3:

:icondsfav1plz::icondsfav2plz::icondsfav3plz: - Many thanks for the +fav.
: icondsfav1plz:: icondsfav2plz:: icondsfav3plz:

:icondbthx1::icondbthx2::icondbthx3: - Thank you for +fav.
: icondbthx1:: icondbthx2:: icondbthx3:

:iconthanks1plz::iconthanks2plz: - Thanks for the +fav. I appreciate all your support. You dont have to comment.
: iconthanks1plz:: iconthanks2plz:


:iconyourewelcomesignplz: - Youre Welcome

:iconwelcome1plz::iconwelcome2plz::iconwelcome3plz::iconwelcome4plz: - Youre welcome!
: iconwelcome1plz:: iconwelcome2plz:: iconwelcome3plz:: iconwelcome4plz:

:iconwelcomeplz: - Youre Welcome
: iconwelcomeplz:

:iconyourewelcomeplz: - Youre Welcome
: iconyourewelcomeplz:


:iconawwplz: - Aww

:icongrin--plz: - Big Grin {shiny yellow}
: icongrin--plz:

:icongrin-plz: - Grin {green}
: icongrin-plz:

:iconiloveitplz: - I love it!
: iconiloveitplz:

:iconbdfaceplz: - BD Face

:iconimthinkingplz: - Im thinking.
: iconimthinkingplz:

:iconimhappyplz: - Im happy!
: iconimhappyplz:

:iconimspeechlessplz: - Im speechless.
: iconimspeechlessplz:

:iconworshipplz: - Worship
: iconworshipplz:

:iconcheerplz: - Cheer
: iconcheerplz:

:iconinvisibleplz: - Invisible
: iconinvisibleplz:

:iconspotlightplz: - L/R spotlights on emote.

-Decoration & more

:iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz::iconmv8plz: - Bird Branch Bar

:iconrose5plz::iconrose6plz::iconrose7plz::iconrose1plz::iconrose-2plz::iconrose3plz::iconrose4plz: - Rose Bar

:iconmy-plz::iconjour-plz::iconnal-plz: - My Journal
: iconmy-plz:: iconjour-plz:: iconnal-plz:

:iconborder3plz::iconborder4plz::iconborder5plz: - Border to frame any icon.

: iconborder1plz:: iconborder8plz:: iconborder7plz:
: iconborder2plz:: iconblankspaceplz:: iconborder6plz:
: iconborder3plz:: iconborder4plz:: iconborder5plz:

:iconblankspaceplz: - Blank space.
: iconblankspaceplz:

:iconnoneplz: - Transparent space.
: iconnoneplz:

:iconsparklesplz: - Sparkles
: iconsparklesplz:

:iconpinksparklesplz: - Pink Sparkles
: iconpinksparklesplz:

more Sparkle colors…

:iconcuteheartplz: - Love + Hearts
: iconcuteheartplz:

:iconstarplz: - Star
: iconstarplz:

:iconfavplz: - +Fav Star
: iconfavplz:

:iconlovepurpleplz: - I love purple!
: iconlovepurpleplz:

:iconmonkeyloveplz: - Monkey love.
: iconmonkeyloveplz:

:iconmonkeychuckleplz: - Monkey chuckle.
: iconmonkeychuckleplz:

:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: - Rainbow wave.
: iconrainbowwaveplz1:: iconrainbowwaveplz2:: iconrainbowwaveplz3:

:iconthinkcookiesplz: - Think Cookies
: iconthinkcookiesplz:

:iconcookiemonsterplz: - Cookie Monster
: iconcookiemonsterplz:

:iconmegacookieplz: - Mega Cookies
: iconmegacookieplz:

:iconhaloplz: - Halo
: iconhaloplz:

:iconleftangelwingplz: - Left angel wing.
: iconleftangelwingplz:

:iconrightangelwingplz: - Right angel wing.
: iconrightangelwingplz:

:icongarfield3plz::icongarfield4plz: - Garfield

: icongarfield1plz:: icongarfield2plz:
: icongarfield3plz:: icongarfield4plz:

:iconcoffeeplz: - Coffee
: iconcoffeeplz:


:iconlovedastamp1::iconlovedastamp2: - I love DeviantART
: iconlovedastamp1:: iconlovedastamp2:

:iconiheartplz::iconplzaccountsplz: - I heart PLZ Acounts
: iconiheartplz:: iconplzaccountsplz:

:icongimplogostampplz1::icongimplogostampplz2: - Gimp
: icongimplogostampplz1:: icongimplogostampplz2:

:iconfirefoxplz: - Firefox
: iconfirefoxplz:

:iconinternetexplorerplz: - IE
: iconinternetexplorerplz:

:iconplzmaker1::iconplzmaker2: - I Make Plz Stamps!
: iconplzmaker1:: iconplzmaker2:

:iconsnoopystamp1::iconsnoopystamp2: - Snoopy Stamp
: iconsnoopystamp1:: iconsnoopystamp2:

:iconjazzz1plz::iconjazz2plz: - I listen to Jazz
: iconjazzz1plz:: iconjazz2plz:


:iconfreeinternetplz: - Free Internet

:icongoogleitplz: - Google ... it.
: icongoogleitplz:

:iconyourfacehereplz: - Your face here.
: iconyourfacehereplz:

:iconrightthumbsupplz: - Right Thumbs Up

:iconlefthumbsupplz: - Left Thumbs Up
:.iconlefthumbsupplz:   (one t)

:icontophatplz: - Top Hat
: icontophatplz:

:icontuxedoplz: - Tuxedo
: icontuxedoplz:

:icondressplz: - Dress
: icondressplz:

:icondiscoplz: - Disco
: icondiscoplz:

:iconsombreroplz: - Sombrero
: iconsombreroplz:

:iconsombreromanplz: - Sombrero Man
: iconsombreromanplz:

:iconstickmandancingplz: - Stick Man Dancing
: iconstickmandancingplz:

:iconobjectionplz: - Objection
: iconobjectionplz:

:iconoverruledplz: - Over Ruled
: iconoverruledplz:

:iconevidenceplz: - Evidence
: iconevidenceplz:

:iconitsamystery: - Its a mystery.
: iconitsamystery:

:iconmysterysolved: - Mystery solved.
: iconmysterysolved:

:iconhappybirthdayplz: - Happy Birthday!
: iconhappybirthdayplz:

:iconcakechocplz: - Choc Happy Birthday Cake
: iconcakechocplz:

:bulletred: PLZ ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS :bulletred:
Includes Icon, Avatar & Emoticon

Moar-PLZ moar-plz-accounts.deviantart.c…
FurryEmoticonsPlz furryemoticonsplz.deviantart.c…
Gypsy- » Plz Fun
e-directory » Plz List…
FreeAvatarProject freeavatarproject.deviantart.c…
Stamp-It (no subscription)…

Mirz123 » Journal…
NotTheEveryDayGal » Yellow Faces nottheeverydaygal.deviantart.c…

Project Educate: Plz…
All About Plz Accounts…
Best PLZ list…
111 Fac Plz Accounts…
Plz Accounts Booming…
Free Avatar Project…
Some Plz Accounts…
Can you say Plz?…
The DA Archive ... plz ..!…
Best PLZ Accounts List…

:bulletred: RESOURCES :bulletred:
Plz Database - Add/Use
MEGA SHINY STAMP PACK Bonus - 35 Pre-Made Stamp Templates…
List of Online Image Editors and Generators…
Gimp Tutorials…
Paint.NET Tutorials…
Artist Hospital » Art Programs Index (tutorials)…
UnFREEz (creates simple animation)

:bulletred: GET LISTED HERE :bulletred:
Announce it here! Comment include the URL or code.

:bulletred: Requests :bulletred:
*some restrictions apply*
Accepting Pro Bono requests.

:bulletred: Clubs :bulletred:
:iconartistshospital: :iconclubdirectory: :iconstamps-galore: :iconstamp-it:
:iconstamp-it-club1-plz::iconstamp-it-club2-plz: :iconstampd-club:
:iconstamp-kingdom: :iconpurpleclub: :iconthe-desktop-stop:

Anyone know what happened to the :iconplzstamps: club?

:bulletred: Interests :bulletred:
:iconusa-plz1::iconusa-plz2: :iconnosubs::iconcription: :iconfirefoxstamp1::iconfirefoxstamp2: :iconpdnuserstamp1-plz::iconpdnuserstamp2-plz:
:icongimpuserstamp1-plz::icongimpuserstamp2-plz: :iconplzmaker1::iconplzmaker2: :iconbirthdays: :iconsnoopystamp1::iconsnoopystamp2: :iconteastamp1plz::iconteastamp2plz:  

:bulletred: Causes :bulletred:
:iconshakecancerplz: :iconpro-life: :icongogreenstamp1plz::icongogreenstamp2plz:

:bulletred: Watch Me… | Stats… | Watchers…:

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koofiix333 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
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