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Created Using Gimp Stamp + PLZ by delade Created Using Gimp Stamp + PLZ :icondelade:delade 6 1 Warm Tartan Persona by delade Warm Tartan Persona :icondelade:delade 1 0 PERSONA Pfinkensmithe Lane by delade PERSONA Pfinkensmithe Lane :icondelade:delade 0 0 Pfinkensmithe Lane Cal-Wall by delade Pfinkensmithe Lane Cal-Wall :icondelade:delade 0 0 I SUPPORT PRO BONO STAMP by delade I SUPPORT PRO BONO STAMP :icondelade:delade 0 2 Please Comment Stamp by delade Please Comment Stamp :icondelade:delade 11 4 DELADE-ID-100410 by delade DELADE-ID-100410 :icondelade:delade 0 0 GIMP USER STAMP by delade GIMP USER STAMP :icondelade:delade 101 17 DELADE ID 072910 by delade DELADE ID 072910 :icondelade:delade 2 0 JULY 2010 Calendar Wallpaper by delade JULY 2010 Calendar Wallpaper :icondelade:delade 0 0 DELADE ID 062710 by delade DELADE ID 062710 :icondelade:delade 0 0 LUNG CANCER Awareness Stamp by delade LUNG CANCER Awareness Stamp :icondelade:delade 50 7 AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1920 by delade AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1920 :icondelade:delade 0 0 AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1680 by delade AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1680 :icondelade:delade 0 0 AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1440 by delade AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1440 :icondelade:delade 0 0 AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1280 by delade AN INSTANT Cal Wallpaper 1280 :icondelade:delade 0 0
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In My Opinion... by SuperAelita In My Opinion... :iconsuperaelita:SuperAelita 692 41 GIMP tutorial by number03 GIMP tutorial :iconnumber03:number03 17 4 Being Mean Stamp by CatchyCC Being Mean Stamp :iconcatchycc:CatchyCC 21 10 Grunge tunnel wallpaper by crackster Grunge tunnel wallpaper :iconcrackster:crackster 4 6
Stock and Awe 100
Stock and Resources Gallery
Stock Gallery | Stock Forum
Resources Gallery | Resources Forum
StockProject | communityrelations
Welcome to the hundredth edition of the still awesomely named Stock and Awe a series of newsletters as suggested by you!
Thank you! for your constant support on these news articles! :D :heart:
Journal CSS
Skins and designs that utilize the Resources from dA! :D

:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 83 42
Paint.Net now handles PhotoShop!
null54 has come up with a way that allows Paint.Net to handle 8bf plug ins.
This means PdN is capable of using PhotoShop, Filter Forge, Topaz, Paint Shop Pro, and many more plug ins.
[<a href="
:iconbl8antband:BL8antBand 2 0
The Link System - Fourth Edition
On behalf of dALinkSystem I'm proud to present you some of our finest works :aww:
dALinkSystem is a Group dedicated towards increasing artists exposure by helping others and themselves through a simple and effective "Linking" system. All media is accepted.
The idea:

Link another artists submission in your artist's comment box. It helps everyone's exposure and finds undiscovered art.

If you still feel a little confused I invite you to go through our D
:icongold-rose:gold-rose 45 52
Stop letting Flash troll you
(Credit goes to this article: for the idea and the awesome title ;))
Flash may be the bees knees when it comes to animating, but unfortunately, some of us cannot afford to pay for such an expensive program.
Whilst there is the option to download a trial version of Flash, it's never good enough since it eventually runs out.
I've often had people asking me what programs they can use to animate other than Flash, but I'd never really looked that far into other programs before. So, here I am now, looking into it ;)
Listed here are a few nice alternatives to Flash.
This nifty program aim to ease the task of animation by eliminating the need to manually tween each frame. This is for Mac, Windows and Linux, however installing it on a Mac might be a little trickier than Windows of Linux since you have to use another program to install it.
:icongashu-monsata:Gashu-Monsata 54 21
Project Educate: Getting into Vector Art
Getting into Vector
So you've heard all this business about "vectoring" and "vector art" and it's peaked your interest. You've been browsing the vector galleries and thought "hey I wanna get into it" but you don't know where or what to do. Well help is at hand.

What is Vector Art?
Knowing what vector is, is the first step. Without knowing what the medium is you wont be able to appreciate it's unique qualities and strengths.
In digital art there are two layer formats: raster and vector. Raster formats are based in pixels and vector is based in paths and points.
When you resize a raster image, you are expanding the pixels. Your program has to try to estimate what the colours would be for the additional pixels created. Due to this, the image loses it's clarity and creates a pixel effect.
When you resize a vector image, you are increasing the distance between the points. Due to this, the image doesn't lose
:iconchewedkandi:ChewedKandi 49 21
About Daily Deviations.
In light of the Daily Deviation I gave today, and the commotion it caused, I feel the need to voice my opinion on Daily Deviations.
Some people feel that because the rain animation in the DD does not loop properly, it is not DD worthy. But what actually makes a deviation DD worthy? Amazing perfection? How boring would the world be if it were perfect? There would be no more room for improvement!
I have recieved a few questions as to why I featured it. And I'm going to give my answer here.
If I ONLY featured perfect deviations, how on earth would that motivate the rest of the community to improve? When I feature, I aim to show unique and interesting deviations that will inspire other people who will see it. With the looping problem in the deviation I featured today, other people will see this and think "Hey, I could fix that", and take it upon themselves to make their own. And this is how advancements are made.
You may all look at me and think "Wow, you're such a crappy GM, they should g
:icongashu-monsata:Gashu-Monsata 149 227
Children all over the US get to 'Shop with a
"Shop-with-a-Cop" is a Nation-wide program that allows Law-Enforcement Officers to be able to shop with underprivileged children from many communities. I know about this program because my sister, Mary Serpentini, fundraises for this program each year and manages to raise thousands of dollars for the children in the Richfield, Ohio area to shop for things they would normally not have a chance to receive. Video of Shop-With-a-Cop 2010 shows that the program was a rousing success and the video, also shows the lengthy line of police vehicles that proudly took excited children to shop with their gift certificates. Wal-Mart© was kind enough to add $10 to each $100 certificate, so that each child could have a bit more to spend. The The Video is amazing and tugs at the heart strings.
Additional Articles and Pictures:
:iconwdwparksgal:WDWParksGal 18 6
dAGrants - The Best Way To Get Points!
Hey Deviants!
"If every member on deviantART gave one point to a community Point Collection (chest), There would be over 14.5 million points"
- UnknownOwen
"Grants are free, and available off of dA in "real life". Why shouldn't they be here!?"
- TimberClipse
Today we announced a new dA Account, one that could do exactly that! We called it dAGrants! dAGrants isn't an account that was just made for fun... it is an account that is going to help deviants in our community!
At many times deviants want to throw an event, contest, project etc. but just don't have the money/points/prizes for it.... Now there is a way to change that! :eager:
dAGrants Will give out grants of up to 3,000 Points :points: to deviants for contests, projects, events, super group status etc.
Although this may not cover your entire cost it will certainly help!
We are looking for donations! Any donation of any amount can help a fellow deviant!
All of the information on ap
:icontimberclipse:TimberClipse 255 94
How to Give a Feature
I know that many (or maybe most) of you already know what features are and how to give them, but I realized that many deviants don't know how features work and don't even realize they have access to giving out features. This is just a little guide for those who aren't as informed, and for those who already are, maybe it'll encourage you to give out some more features. =)
What are features?
A feature is just what it sounds like- a feature.
On deviantART, a feature refers to a collection of deviations (merely a nickname used to describe a particular piece of art that has been submitted to deviantART1). This collection is normally displayed in someone's journal or in a news article in the form of thumbs.
Many features have some sort of theme meaning that a feature can revolve around a particular artist, a certain color, a specific medium used, ect. Or a feature can have no theme at all and it can simply be a bunch of works that you like. The possibilities really ar
:icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 146 62
How to Host a Contest
I love contests. As much as I like entering contests, I love hosting contests even more. Here's a guide to help you host your own contest. =]
Pick a theme for your contest. Your theme can be as vague as a general photography contest, or something specific such as a monochrome contest. Be creative and use your imagination as themes of a contest can be anything.
Although I'm a photographer, I personally like holding contests that allow all mediums (traditional art, digital art, literature, ect.) to enter because I find it more fun when a larger audience is allowed to participate.
What's a contest without prizes? While you don't need extravagant prizes to host a good contest, I think it's fair to say that the more prizes the merrier.
It's a good idea to get a few prizes before actually announcing the contest. I'm sure to a bunch of members on this site, the prizes are the most alluring part of a contest and announcing a contest without any pr
:icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 279 106
Project Educate: Plz Accounts
We have learned how to use emoticons on the official way, but there is also a way where you don't have to wait and pray that your favourite Emoticon gets added to the Legend!
The unofficial way to use Emoticons is to create a Plz account.
I will now explain what it is and how it works:

A Plz account is a normal Account that you have created, but most of the time the name ends with a 'plz'!
Plz accounts are not only created to display Emoticons, they can also display other Images.
There is a page where you can find more than 20000 of them, it is:
A few things are important when you create a Plz-account!
Ask the owner/creator of the Emoticon for the permission to create a Plz account! Because some Emoticonists don't want that their Emoticons are used without permission and the Plz account could get banned if the Icon won't get removed!
If you have the permission of the creator, you have to check if the emoticon
:iconkrissi001:Krissi001 90 52
plz can we have more plz vol.5 la edition
plz enjot these plz coz they are awsome! i do not own these plz and do not claim to!
fave and/ or comment!
:iconlaplz3::iconlaplz4: (goes up to 4!)
:la: (no plz at the end OR icon at the front!)
:iconcookielaplz: (this is for soph!)
:iconlalist:(no plz at the end!)
:iconparamore4eva11:Paramore4eva11 11 8


:bulletred: Gallery | Wallpaper… | Personas… | Stamps… :bulletred:

JOURNAL will continue to be updated as created or discovered.

:pointr:  GET LISTED (below) or add Plz to online database includes +23,000 Plz, search and easy code copy.

What are PLZ Accounts?
The account is {usually} created for the use of the 50 x 50 pixel account avatar.

:iconkeyplz: To use the Plz icon, follow this code format :icon_____: Fill in the blank with the account name. Example Plz account name fyi-plz use :.iconfyi-plz: to display the Plz icon (without the period) - view fyi-plz below.
FAQ #104: What HTML formatting can we use on DeviantArt? And what is the format for these codes?

* Remove period [.] or space after colon [:] for every copy/paste code below else, it wont work. *

:bulletred: ALL DELADE PLZ :bulletred:

: iconnobullyingstamp1-plz:: iconnobullyingstamp2-plz:

: iconusingpdnstamp1-plz:: iconusingpdnstamp2-plz:

: iconcugimpstamp1-plz:: iconcugimpstamp2-plz:

: iconpdnuserstamp1-plz:: iconpdnuserstamp2-plz:

: icongimpuserstamp1-plz:: icongimpuserstamp2-plz:

: icongimpartstamp1-plz:: icongimpartstamp2-plz:

: iconstamp-it-club1-plz:: iconstamp-it-club2-plz:

: iconthxu4fav1-plz:: iconthxu4fav2-plz:

: iconyourewelcome1-plz:: iconyourewelcome2-plz:

: iconspellcheck-plz:

: iconinspireme-plz:

: icontweet-plz:

: iconthanku-plz:

: iconkeyplz:

: iconat-plz:

: iconinfo-plz:

: iconfyi-plz:

: iconquestion-plz:

: iconexclamation-plz:

: iconerror-plz:

: icondonot-plz:

-Free to use on dA :pc:

:bulletred: USEFUL PLZ ACCOUNTS :bulletred:

:iconhappyfellaavatar: - Happy Fella Avatar
: iconhappyfellaavatar:

:iconfellaplz: - Fella
: iconfellaplz:

:icondeviantstamp1::icondeviantstamp2: - Deviant & Proud Stamp
: icondeviantstamp1:: icondeviantstamp2:

:iconilovemywatchersplz::iconilovemywatchersatplz: - I love my active watchers.
: iconilovemywatchersplz:: iconilovemywatchersatplz:

:iconrandomcommentplz1::iconrandomcommentplz2: - I support random acts of comment kindness!

:iconreadplz: - Read before you Comment
: iconreadplz:

:iconcommentplz: - Comment before you Favorite
: iconcommentplz:

:icon: - Comment before you Download <<-- Does anyone know the address or code for this one?
: icon:

:iconfavthen::icondownloadplzz: - Favorite Then Download

:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: - Constructive Criticism Welcomed!
: iconccwelcomedplz1:: iconccwelcomedplz2:

:iconpolitefavstamp1plz::iconpolitefavstamp2plz: - Polite +fav Stamp
: iconpolitefavstamp1plz:: iconpolitefavstamp2plz:

:iconfaveandcomment1plz::iconfaveandcomment2plz: - If you +fav this work Comment...
: iconfaveandcomment1plz:: iconfaveandcomment2plz:

:iconiwantfeedback1plz::iconiwantfeedback2plz: - Please write me a Critique...
: iconiwantfeedback1plz:: iconiwantfeedback2plz:

:iconrequestopen1::iconrequestopen2: - Request Are Open
: iconrequestopen1:: iconrequestopen2:

:iconrequestclosed1::iconrequestclosed2: - Requests Are Closed
: iconrequestclosed1:: iconrequestclosed2:

:iconnew-plz: NEW
: iconnew-plz:

:iconnewplz: NEW
: iconnewplz:


:iconyoucanplz::iconuseitplz: - Yop, you CAN use it but, with ©!
: iconyoucanplz:: iconuseitplz:

:iconyoucantplz::iconuseit-plz: - Nope, you CANT use it!
: iconyoucantplz:: iconuseit-plz:

:icongouseplz::iconthisartplz: - Go! You are authorized to use this artwork.
: icongouseplz:: iconthisartplz:

:iconcreativelicense1plz::iconcreativelicense2plz: - This deviation has a Creative Commons license.
: iconcreativelicense1plz:: iconcreativelicense2plz:

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: - You are allowed to use it if you credit me.
: iconyouareplz:: iconallowedplz:

:icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz: - Do not use my art.
: icondonotplz:: iconusemyartplz:

:iconnotforuseplz::iconnotforuse2plz: - This image is NOT for free use.
: iconnotforuseplz:: iconnotforuse2plz:

:iconuseplz::iconcreditplz: - Go! Please use my stock & credit me!
: iconuseplz:: iconcreditplz:

:icondontfavplz::iconclubsubmissionsplz: - STOP Please do not favorite this club submission.
: icondontfavplz:: iconclubsubmissionsplz:

:icondevhasmoved1plz::icondevhasmoved2: - Stop! Do not +fav this! Deviation has moved +fav new link below.
: icondevhasmoved1plz:: icondevhasmoved2:

:iconfreeavatar1plz::iconfreeavatar2plz: - This avatar is free for use!
: iconfreeavatar1plz:: iconfreeavatar2plz:

-Thank You

:iconthankyousignplz: - Thank You

:iconthanksfeatureplz: - Thanks for the Feature

:iconthxwatchplz: - Thanks for the Watch

:iconthxfavwatchplz: - Thanks 4 +Fav and Watch

:iconthxfavplz: - Thanks for the +Fav

:iconthankspointsplz: - Thanks for the Points
: iconthankspointsplz:

:iconthanksllamaplz: - Thanks for the Llama
: iconthanksllamaplz:

:iconthankscommentsignplz: - Thanks 4 the Comment

:iconthank-youplz: - Thanks
: iconthank-youplz:

:iconthanksib4plz::iconthanksib5plz::iconthanksib6plz: - Thanks for the FAVE!
: iconthanksib1plz:: iconthanksib2plz:: iconthanksib3plz:
: iconthanksib4plz:: iconthanksib5plz:: iconthanksib6plz:

:iconthanks1::iconthanks2::iconthanks3::iconthanks4: - Thanks so much!
: iconthanks1:: iconthanks2:: iconthanks3:: iconthanks4:

:icontff1::icontff2::icontff3: - Thanks for the +fav on:
: icontff1:: icontff2:: icontff3:

:icondsfav1plz::icondsfav2plz::icondsfav3plz: - Many thanks for the +fav.
: icondsfav1plz:: icondsfav2plz:: icondsfav3plz:

:icondbthx1::icondbthx2::icondbthx3: - Thank you for +fav.
: icondbthx1:: icondbthx2:: icondbthx3:

:iconthanks1plz::iconthanks2plz: - Thanks for the +fav. I appreciate all your support. You dont have to comment.
: iconthanks1plz:: iconthanks2plz:


:iconyourewelcomesignplz: - Youre Welcome

:iconwelcome1plz::iconwelcome2plz::iconwelcome3plz::iconwelcome4plz: - Youre welcome!
: iconwelcome1plz:: iconwelcome2plz:: iconwelcome3plz:: iconwelcome4plz:

:iconwelcomeplz: - Youre Welcome
: iconwelcomeplz:

:iconyourewelcomeplz: - Youre Welcome
: iconyourewelcomeplz:


:iconawwplz: - Aww

:icongrin--plz: - Big Grin {shiny yellow}
: icongrin--plz:

:icongrin-plz: - Grin {green}
: icongrin-plz:

:iconiloveitplz: - I love it!
: iconiloveitplz:

:iconbdfaceplz: - BD Face

:iconimthinkingplz: - Im thinking.
: iconimthinkingplz:

:iconimhappyplz: - Im happy!
: iconimhappyplz:

:iconimspeechlessplz: - Im speechless.
: iconimspeechlessplz:

:iconworshipplz: - Worship
: iconworshipplz:

:iconcheerplz: - Cheer
: iconcheerplz:

:iconinvisibleplz: - Invisible
: iconinvisibleplz:

:iconspotlightplz: - L/R spotlights on emote.

-Decoration & more

:iconmv1plz::iconmv2plz::iconmv3plz::iconmv4plz::iconmv5plz::iconmv6plz::iconmv7plz::iconmv8plz: - Bird Branch Bar

:iconrose5plz::iconrose6plz::iconrose7plz::iconrose1plz::iconrose-2plz::iconrose3plz::iconrose4plz: - Rose Bar

:iconmy-plz::iconjour-plz::iconnal-plz: - My Journal
: iconmy-plz:: iconjour-plz:: iconnal-plz:

:iconborder3plz::iconborder4plz::iconborder5plz: - Border to frame any icon.

: iconborder1plz:: iconborder8plz:: iconborder7plz:
: iconborder2plz:: iconblankspaceplz:: iconborder6plz:
: iconborder3plz:: iconborder4plz:: iconborder5plz:

:iconblankspaceplz: - Blank space.
: iconblankspaceplz:

:iconnoneplz: - Transparent space.
: iconnoneplz:

:iconsparklesplz: - Sparkles
: iconsparklesplz:

:iconpinksparklesplz: - Pink Sparkles
: iconpinksparklesplz:

more Sparkle colors…

:iconcuteheartplz: - Love + Hearts
: iconcuteheartplz:

:iconstarplz: - Star
: iconstarplz:

:iconfavplz: - +Fav Star
: iconfavplz:

:iconlovepurpleplz: - I love purple!
: iconlovepurpleplz:

:iconmonkeyloveplz: - Monkey love.
: iconmonkeyloveplz:

:iconmonkeychuckleplz: - Monkey chuckle.
: iconmonkeychuckleplz:

:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: - Rainbow wave.
: iconrainbowwaveplz1:: iconrainbowwaveplz2:: iconrainbowwaveplz3:

:iconthinkcookiesplz: - Think Cookies
: iconthinkcookiesplz:

:iconcookiemonsterplz: - Cookie Monster
: iconcookiemonsterplz:

:iconmegacookieplz: - Mega Cookies
: iconmegacookieplz:

:iconhaloplz: - Halo
: iconhaloplz:

:iconleftangelwingplz: - Left angel wing.
: iconleftangelwingplz:

:iconrightangelwingplz: - Right angel wing.
: iconrightangelwingplz:

:icongarfield3plz::icongarfield4plz: - Garfield

: icongarfield1plz:: icongarfield2plz:
: icongarfield3plz:: icongarfield4plz:

:iconcoffeeplz: - Coffee
: iconcoffeeplz:


:iconlovedastamp1::iconlovedastamp2: - I love DeviantART
: iconlovedastamp1:: iconlovedastamp2:

:iconiheartplz::iconplzaccountsplz: - I heart PLZ Acounts
: iconiheartplz:: iconplzaccountsplz:

:icongimplogostampplz1::icongimplogostampplz2: - Gimp
: icongimplogostampplz1:: icongimplogostampplz2:

:iconfirefoxplz: - Firefox
: iconfirefoxplz:

:iconinternetexplorerplz: - IE
: iconinternetexplorerplz:

:iconplzmaker1::iconplzmaker2: - I Make Plz Stamps!
: iconplzmaker1:: iconplzmaker2:

:iconsnoopystamp1::iconsnoopystamp2: - Snoopy Stamp
: iconsnoopystamp1:: iconsnoopystamp2:

:iconjazzz1plz::iconjazz2plz: - I listen to Jazz
: iconjazzz1plz:: iconjazz2plz:


:iconfreeinternetplz: - Free Internet

:icongoogleitplz: - Google ... it.
: icongoogleitplz:

:iconyourfacehereplz: - Your face here.
: iconyourfacehereplz:

:iconrightthumbsupplz: - Right Thumbs Up

:iconlefthumbsupplz: - Left Thumbs Up
:.iconlefthumbsupplz:   (one t)

:icontophatplz: - Top Hat
: icontophatplz:

:icontuxedoplz: - Tuxedo
: icontuxedoplz:

:icondressplz: - Dress
: icondressplz:

:icondiscoplz: - Disco
: icondiscoplz:

:iconsombreroplz: - Sombrero
: iconsombreroplz:

:iconsombreromanplz: - Sombrero Man
: iconsombreromanplz:

:iconstickmandancingplz: - Stick Man Dancing
: iconstickmandancingplz:

:iconobjectionplz: - Objection
: iconobjectionplz:

:iconoverruledplz: - Over Ruled
: iconoverruledplz:

:iconevidenceplz: - Evidence
: iconevidenceplz:

:iconitsamystery: - Its a mystery.
: iconitsamystery:

:iconmysterysolved: - Mystery solved.
: iconmysterysolved:

:iconhappybirthdayplz: - Happy Birthday!
: iconhappybirthdayplz:

:iconcakechocplz: - Choc Happy Birthday Cake
: iconcakechocplz:

:bulletred: PLZ ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS :bulletred:
Includes Icon, Avatar & Emoticon

Moar-PLZ moar-plz-accounts.deviantart.c…
FurryEmoticonsPlz furryemoticonsplz.deviantart.c…
Gypsy- » Plz Fun
e-directory » Plz List…
FreeAvatarProject freeavatarproject.deviantart.c…
Stamp-It (no subscription)…

Mirz123 » Journal…
NotTheEveryDayGal » Yellow Faces nottheeverydaygal.deviantart.c…

Project Educate: Plz…
All About Plz Accounts…
Best PLZ list…
111 Fac Plz Accounts…
Plz Accounts Booming…
Free Avatar Project…
Some Plz Accounts…
Can you say Plz?…
The DA Archive ... plz ..!…
Best PLZ Accounts List…

:bulletred: RESOURCES :bulletred:
Plz Database - Add/Use
MEGA SHINY STAMP PACK Bonus - 35 Pre-Made Stamp Templates…
List of Online Image Editors and Generators…
Gimp Tutorials…
Paint.NET Tutorials…
Artist Hospital » Art Programs Index (tutorials)…
UnFREEz (creates simple animation)

:bulletred: GET LISTED HERE :bulletred:
Announce it here! Comment include the URL or code.

:bulletred: Requests :bulletred:
*some restrictions apply*
Accepting Pro Bono requests.

:bulletred: Clubs :bulletred:
:iconartistshospital: :iconclubdirectory: :iconstamps-galore: :iconstamp-it:
:iconstamp-it-club1-plz::iconstamp-it-club2-plz: :iconstampd-club:
:iconstamp-kingdom: :iconpurpleclub: :iconthe-desktop-stop:

Anyone know what happened to the :iconplzstamps: club?

:bulletred: Interests :bulletred:
:iconusa-plz1::iconusa-plz2: :iconnosubs::iconcription: :iconfirefoxstamp1::iconfirefoxstamp2: :iconpdnuserstamp1-plz::iconpdnuserstamp2-plz:
:icongimpuserstamp1-plz::icongimpuserstamp2-plz: :iconplzmaker1::iconplzmaker2: :iconbirthdays: :iconsnoopystamp1::iconsnoopystamp2: :iconteastamp1plz::iconteastamp2plz:  

:bulletred: Causes :bulletred:
:iconshakecancerplz: :iconpro-life: :icongogreenstamp1plz::icongogreenstamp2plz:

:bulletred: Watch Me… | Stats… | Watchers…:

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delade's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Casual design - desktop wallpaper, web graphics, clip-art, templates, tutorials, brushes, paper, and others. I enjoy creating graphics to share, and for my own projects. :flagus:

:bulletwhite: Printables…
:bulletwhite: Contact…
:bulletwhite: Personas
:bulletwhite: Twitter
:bulletwhite: Free PC Help

Current Residence: US
Favorite genre of music: jazz, blues
Favorite style of art: Colorful, Watercolor, Abstract
Operating System: Fedora
Wallpaper of choice: 1920x1200
Favorite cartoon character: Tweety
Personal Quote: Every artist was first an amateur. --Ralph Waldo Emerson


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happy birthday!
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I really like your gallery!
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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

 It's August 22nd which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year! Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

 --- Birthdays Team This birthday greeting was brought to you by: =SailorSun18
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happy birthday!
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Happy [early] birthday!
May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires!
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Were can I find a "x ALL the y"plz?
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:iconxalltheyplz: : xalltheyplz: without the space.
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Thanks so much!
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